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About Keshia 

For most people, confidence is not inherent. It is something that must be learned. For me, this has always been the case. I was not born radiating confidence. In fact, I have struggled with body image my entire life. Like most everyone else, I had to learn confidence! To fight for it! Today, I struggle with it still! As many before me have said “Confidence is not a destination. It is a journey.”
That is why boudoir photography is so personal for me. I want to teach others what took me so long to learn: that they are stunning no matter size, race, disability, gender, etc. Beauty is not one size fits all. It is every size, every fit, every face! 
My goal is to give new eyes to those struggling, as I have, so that they can see for the first time how completely beautiful and brave they are. 
I have said over and over again that I will never ask a client to do anything I would not do myself, and that stands true. I know exactly how it feels to be anxious, scared, and ashamed. I want to raise others up and open their eyes to the lies pushed onto them by society. 
I am beautiful. You are beautiful. Now, it is time that we be brave and bold. Together.

I mean food is pretty much life, and you can catch me baking cupcakes at least once a week, but heres the professional stuff

heres the fun stuff about me! 

Listen, I will bake but I cant promise it will be the best thing you've ever had. I like to spend time looking up recipes, going to the beach, sometimes hiking. Sometimes.
I make tiktok videos but I have no clue what I'm doing. Like, at all. Its fun though! Feel free to follow me and Ill follow you back! 
I have a love for alternative music, I feel like I should have been a adult in the 90's. I love vibrant hair, have a vibrant vocabulary, but most of all I love getting to know people. I've met so many people while photographing that have turned into friends. 
I would like to think it's because I'm a welcoming human who will be there when you need a shoulder, I'm not just a photographer, I'm a human who gets that life is crazy sometimes, and its better with a friend. 

If you ask me to, I will literally bake for you because its my love language! 

So back to the food

< back

I recently decided to learn makeup, and let me tell you what! It's so hard but so rewarding! I seriously have so much respect for makeup artist, what you do is valued by me so so so so much!

Portraying the human experience is about more than the mere image behind a lens. It is about a sensation you get, a feeling deep in your bones that transpires into your day-to-day life well after the shoot. It is confidence and beauty, empowerment, and liberation from the labels and standards society has forced.
 At Intimate Artistry my goal is to capture your unique human experience, your very essence that tells the world exactly who you are and who you aspire to be. This is a safe, inclusive studio where all bodies and all persons are welcomed and embraced for who they are! 
on you. 
My team will ensure that you feel comfortable, pampered, and completely confident in your skin before the first image is ever taken. Boudoir should be an unforgettable experience, and it is my guarantee that you leave my studio feeling brave, bold, and more confident than ever!






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